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Passionate about Empowering Others

A deep desire to support and empower others is what led Carrie to transition to coach in the last two years. Carrie is able to hear what is said and unsaid so her clients can articulate the heart of what needs to be expressed. Her non-judgemental, intuitive approach frees people to find their superpower in the messiest times of their lives.

Carrie believes passionately that you can't always change your circumstances, but that you can change your perspective. She has navigated being a caregiver and advocate for family members with chronic illnesses, and her own journey to find her calling. She holds humour as the highest power, and laughs and jokes often.


Carrie is a Co-Active Coach and holds a BSc and MSc in Geophysics. She has been studying insight meditation for 10 years, and has spent the last 5 years in Dedicated Practitioner training. She is currently taking courses in Awakening Joy, Positive Intelligence and Goal Setting Strategies.

When she’s not supporting clients or taking courses, you can find Carrie outside. She loves camping, running, skiing and dancing.